Dekoracje do ogrodu z naturalnych materiałów
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Wood, pinecones, cotton or linen are all materials that can be used to easily create garden decorations. Check out our inspirations.

A boho terrace – the essence of nature

Natural materials are an essential part of a boho look, both indoors and out. So opt for bamboo accessories, textiles and subtle lighting. Even if you don’t have a large garden, add some decorative grass to pots

Use jute twine to make pot holders

A fairly simple way to hang flower pots is to use jute twine. But there are other uses for jute twine too – for example you can easily transform a metal lamp or a garden shed. Just use hot glue, twine and then wrap the surface.

Wood – a timeless material

When it comes to natural materials in the garden, we can’t forget about wood. It’s the material you’ll use to make numerous decorations, seats, boxes for a mini vegetable garden, or a tabletop. Just be sure to impregnate it properly so that it holds up under any weather conditions.

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