Can a bathroom be eco-friendly?

Can a bathroom be eco-friendly?
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With just a few small changes, you can make your bathroom more environmentally friendly. Remember that going green doesn’t mean you have to give up the pleasure of taking a bath. But you have to do it with your head.

Use natural materials

When you are before renovating your bathroom, look around for cabinets made of natural, organic materials. Natural materials are free from harmful, polluting chemicals and can be easily recycled later.

Countertops made of glass, wood or stone give the room a prestigious look and are better for the environment than acrylic, MDF or similar materials.

LED bulbs

You can save more than just water in the bathroom. LED bulbs can help you save significantly on your electricity bill, which also helps save the planet. LEDs have an efficiency of 80-90%. This means that 80-90% of their energy is converted into light rather than heat.

Traditional incandescent bulbs lose 80% of their energy as heat, so they are only 20% efficient. LEDs produce a range of lighting effects that can help create the perfect look and feel, from accent lighting to task lighting.

Get rid of the shower curtain

Vinyl shower curtain additives are harmful to the planet. They are not recyclable and emit harmful fumes when burned. A study by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ), a non-profit organization that researches and recommends ways to prevent chemical health hazards, shows that shower curtains can even be toxic to human health.

PVC-free shower curtains are available, but if you’re renovating your bathroom, consider a shower screen instead of a curtain. They last longer, are easier to clean, and are much more environmentally friendly. Glass shower screens can also be easily recycled when it comes time to remodel.

Work on habits

Turn off the tap

You don’t have to turn off the faucet when you’re washing your hands or teeth. If you want to be more eco-friendly in the bathroom, simply turn off the tap until you need water to rinse.

By turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, you can save 8 liters of water a day. If you do the same while shaving, you’ll save about 40 liters of water. Assuming you brush your teeth twice a day and shave 5 times a week, you can save almost about 20,000 liters a year!

Also consider installing faucet aerators. They mix water with air for a smooth and efficient flow of water that helps you save more. It’s also worth buying eco-friendly bathroom taps.

Ditch the bathtub

Swapping the bathtub for a shower is probably the biggest change you can make in your bathroom if you want to be more environmentally friendly.

According to research, an 8-minute shower will use 62 liters of water compared to an average of 80 liters of water for a bath. Eight minutes is quite long for a shower, so you have plenty of time to sing your favorite song.

Don’t ignore leaks and drips

Household leaks can waste millions of liters of water across the country. In addition to costing homeowners thousands each year, wasting water has a huge impact on the environment.

Check all your appliances and connections regularly. If a problem arises, fix it. Don’t ignore defects! Most leaks are quick fixes that don’t even require calling a plumber.

Natural remedies

In addition to natural beauty products, you can also stock up on more eco-friendly cleaning products for your bathroom. Like cosmetics, choose cleaners in recyclable bottleswhenever possible.

You can also avoid some of the more harmful cleaning chemicals. Vinegar and lemon juice can help get rid of dirt.

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