Szklane słoiki - co w nich przechowywać?
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Glass is a traditional and multifunctional material that can be used to store food. It does not react with it chemically and is completely safe for health. What to store in glass jars? See below

Loose products in glass

Loose products, which include pasta, flour, groats, sugar, salt, rice or coffee and tea should be stored in glass containers. They will protect the products against loss of freshness or moisture. Moreover, coffee or tea stored in a vacuum sealed jar of dark glass preserve the aroma longer. Remember to store such products in a dry and dark place

Spices in small glass jars

Medium glass jars are a great way to store spices in an organized way. Not only is there order in the kitchen, each product is labeled, but their use is much easier. Glass jars have this to themselves that they are stable, which means that it is difficult to spill spices from the container, and this often happens to people who keep them in the original packaging. What is more, tightly closed spices keep their aroma longer

Home preserves

Don’t know what to do with excess jars? Reuse them. They will be perfect as “vases” for home preserves. You can use them to make your favourite jam, gherkins or salads for dinner! There are plenty of possibilities and as we know, glass jars can be used successfully for several years

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