Niemowlę w domu - jak przygotować mieszkanie?
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Welcoming a new household member obliges to organize the house in a specific way. The apartment must be, above all, safe, and the toddler’s room should provide comfort and functionality. This is not always associated with a general renovation and spending a lot of money for this purpose. Often, however, changes are necessary and indisputable.

The approaching birth date motivates us to make more and more preparations related to changes in the apartment. It is a natural behavior that we want to provide the best possible conditions for our baby. This is a natural mechanism, especially when we tend to accumulate unnecessary things. The best situation is the one in which the toddler has a separate room. However, often the child sleeps in the parents’ bedroom. And here the question arises. How to arrange it?

Space organization

When the newborn has his own room, you have the opportunity to create a separate world for him, which will be adapted to him one hundred percent. A crib with safety features, a changing table and a cupboard for pampers. It is important that utensils such as diapers, wet wipes, tetan diapers, and grooming creams are placed within easy reach because you will be reaching for them often. A basket for dirty diapers and a basket for dirty underwear will be indispensable.

Very often a baby in the first months of life occupies the parents’ bedroom. In such a situation it is necessary to provide a safe and functional place for the youngest. It is worth to place the necessary things as close to the crib as possible, so that they are always at hand and do not get lost.

Preparation of the home

The place, which is to be intended for your child, should be decorated in bright colors. It is important that the room can be easily kept clean. You will certainly need to get rid of objects on which dust settles easily, such as carpets, curtains or tablecloths. If you have potted flowers, it’s best to place them as far away from the crib as possible. We must ensure the safety of the toddler in every respect

Room temperature

The best temperature for your baby is around 21 degrees. Dressed in a long-sleeved bodysuit, he or she should feel thermally comfortable. Do not manipulate the temperature while washing the newborn

Don’t leave your baby by the radiator or heater. The same goes for air conditioners, which are located near the newborn. They can cause the baby to catch a cold. When the weather outside is sunny, take care to shield the child from the rays.

Safety at home

It is absolutely unacceptable to smoke in front of a newborn baby. When we smoke, the baby becomes a passive smoker, even if we do it in another room. Before taking care of the newborn remember to wash your hands thoroughly. Let’s take care of hygiene when we return from the yard or have prepared a meal earlier

It’s a good idea to make sure to place several packets of wipes – wet and dry – throughout the house. You’ll need them every step of the way and they’ll minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. Make sure that the wipes you use do not cause allergies on your baby’s skin. Wash your baby’s toys regularly, use a disinfectant to wipe down his play puzzles and changing table. Get a sterilizer to heat teats and bottles to get rid of bacteria

If your home has a lot of protrusions that are dangerous, it’s worth taking care of them properly. Drawer locks and contact covers will certainly come in handy. Until the baby starts walking, however, we don’t have to worry about that. For the next few months, the baby will spend time on a mat, a special bed or in our arms

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