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Minimalism in studios is a perfect solution, because when used properly, it can optically enlarge a room. It also has many practical applications, which are ideal for smaller spaces. See how to arrange a small apartment in minimalist style

How do minimalist rooms look like?

In minimalist interiors the right color is very important. It affects the elegant and timeless character. Often classic and subdued colors, such as white, black or gray, are used. Neutral shades such as beige and brown are also used. However, sometimes intensive color accents appear. If you think that white walls will be too calm, you can have some fun with their texture. In such rooms are often found elements, made of high-quality materials. Then they last for a long time and look magnificent. Examples include natural wood, concrete, glass or metal

In addition, in this style, all furnishings are limited, leaving first of all the necessary ones. For this reason, such a solution is perfectly suited for studio apartments. It is worth adding that you can well fit such an arrangement to your expectations, because in stores there is a large selection of this type of furniture and accessories. Mainly simple, thoughtful forms are used, due to their considerable functionality and universality. In addition, minimalist interiors rely on effective lighting

Decor in the living area

The living area, especially in studios, plays a huge role. This is where most of the time is spent. It can be for example a kitchenette, combined with a living room. It is useful to purchase modern and durable furniture for it. It is common to choose white or various shades of wood. You can get models that have smooth fronts without handles. Two parts of the room can be separated by a high table with classic bar chairs. Then you will get a space suitable for both cooking and rest

When decorating a small apartment, remember that less is more. Opt for a small amount of furniture, but choose rather roomy ones. It is also worth buying a sofa, which will be practical and comfortable. It is necessary to take care of the comfort of such a sofa, because in bachelor apartments it is often also intended for sleeping. In slightly smaller rooms, corner sofas are often used. When it comes to accessories, you can choose for example a minimalist clock, functional lighting, mirrors or delicate curtains. They should not be too numerous as they will take up space unnecessarily. Rather avoid unnecessary trinkets, but you can put, for example, plants in toned down pots

Minimalism in the bathroom

Minimalist style can also be used in the bathroom. This is quite a convenience, because then it is easier to maintain cleanliness. It also looks very elegant and spacious, even if it is small in size. If you have a studio apartment, you may want to have a glass shower enclosure with a minimalist design. You can also buy bright tiles, which will optically enlarge the space.
In case you are looking for inspiration for this type of arrangement, visit a bathroom showroom in Poznan. There you can see examples of decorations of these rooms. Additionally, experienced specialists will help you prepare a free visualization of such a bathroom. If you live nearby, it is essential to go there.

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