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A modern and functional bathroom is the answer to the requirements of even the most demanding ones. This is a room that combines comfort and simple, but substantial design. Find out how to arrange such a bathroom in a few steps

Modern and minimalist interiors are not only extremely fashionable, but also very practical. It is the combination of functionality and unique, yet simple design that characterizes modern bathrooms. Find out how also you can arrange such an interior in your home.

Characteristics of modern bathrooms

Let’s start with what really characterizes modern bathrooms. First of all, it is a simple design and form. They introduce a real minimalist and neat character. In addition, modern bathrooms are also a variety of textures and contrasts and monochromatic decorations. It is also worth remembering that in interiors in this style, often the ceramics themselves are the only decoration. When decorating a modern bathroom, it is worth remembering to keep moderation and not to overdo the amount of decorations – it should be luxurious, but with taste and without exaggeration.

What colors will suit a modern bathroom?

The choice of colors is an important part of designing a modern bathroom. Colors play a very important role here, as they can either make the bathroom look very good and elegant, or on the other hand, simply kitschy. So what are the best colors to choose? Definitely neutral whites, timeless grays and blacks, as well as all shades of natural wood will work great. However, it is worth to try a few different textures and materials, thanks to which the bathroom will be more cozy and even in case of a completely white arrangement, it will not look too sterile and “hospital-like”.

Tiles – what kind to choose?

In case of modern bathrooms, smooth tiles are a great choice, especially the larger ones. Polished concrete, natural stone and exotic wood will also work well on walls. When it comes to the floor, large format tiles without grout or tiles that imitate wood are definitely the best option. So if you are looking for the perfect tiles in this style for your bathroom, then be sure to check out the website

Fixtures and furniture for the modern bathroom

Simple and elegant design also applies to the choice of fixtures and furniture. All the integral elements of the bathroom such as, shower cubicles or bathtubs and toilet bowls and all kinds of bathroom faucets should be minimalist. Above all, you should consider a walk-in shower enclosure, which will introduce a very modern vibe and at the same time is extremely functional. In case of faucets, pay attention to designer models in shades of gold, silver and copper.

When it comes to furniture, opt for a simple form as well. If you want to optically enlarge your bathroom, you can opt for solid furniture with a glossy finish, which will beautifully reflect the light. A great solution will also be bathroom furniture to size Poznan is a place where you can certainly realize any of your ideas for the arrangement.

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