Top 3 nowoczesnych lamp łazienkowych do minimalistycznej łazienki
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You got rid of all the unnecessary trinkets from your bathroom and it is time to choose a lamp that will complete the stylish interior of your apartment. Seemingly a simple task. Only when you start getting acquainted with a wide assortment of stores, it turns out that the multitude of options does not necessarily meet your minimalist needs. Here are the top 3 modern bathroom lamps that will not overwhelm your arranged space

Wall lamps on the podium

A definite hit of bathroom lamps are wall lamps, which will illuminate your bathroom in an interesting way. They will work well as an additional source of light at or above the mirror, making the morning toilet easier. After all, it’s hard to shave or adjust your eyebrows when you can barely see your reflection. They’ll also work as atmospheric lighting for a long, relaxing bath when a ceiling lamp is glaring in your eyes and making it difficult to really relax

Which model to choose? Look for rectangular, elongated products in a shade of deep black or pure white. It’s a stylish choice that will emphasize the unique character of your bathroom without overwhelming its simplicity. It is worth choosing a model with an LED bulb to save energy and thus reduce your electricity bill while brightening up your bathroom – LED bulbs often provide more light than standard ones

Right after them plafonds

Bathroom plafonds, although they scare with their exotic name, are nothing else than flat ceiling lamps, which can easily fit into any interior. Thanks to simple construction they fit minimalistic décor and give bathroom a modern character. At the same time they don’t draw too much attention to themselves, that’s why they fit into any color palette. Bathroom plafonds do not have to be expensive, if you left lighting to the very end, and the bathroom renovation strongly strained your budget, you can easily find models in the budget version that look as stylish as their more expensive counterparts

In third place – recessed lights

The ranking closes with recessed lamps. They allow you to get a unique atmosphere in the bathroom, which is not possible with traditional lamps. With some models you can direct the light in a specific direction so you can additionally illuminate the mirror or another key design element. They look neat and tidy and they don’t take up a lot of space or collect dust, as can happen with hanging lights

Interestingly placed on the ceiling they will guarantee a moody light, making the bathroom a much more cozy place. There is a wide selection of materials available for such lamps, such as metal, glass or plastic. Depending on the size of your bathroom and your personal preferences, you can opt for a single, double, or even triple or quadruple light source

Comfortable to use

Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom is extremely important if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by a small space that often doesn’t even have windows. The bathroom often seems to us a room that simply can not be adequately illuminated. The above examples, however, show that it is just a matter of using the right solutions. A small bathroom will become a pleasant corner, where you can make your morning toilet, take a bath in a pleasant atmosphere, and even carefully put makeup, without experiencing shock, when after leaving the bathroom, it turns out that because of poor lighting effect looked completely different than in daylight. It is good to remember that you can take care of the comfort of your bathroom in the simplest of ways, and a small space no longer has to seem like a nightmare.

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