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It is well known that green tea has many health promoting and tasteful properties. Properly brewed, it can stimulate as well as calm down. And how does it work and how to prepare it, when we brew and drink it at night?

How to brew?

When we want to relax after a long day and prepare for sleep, we should brew green tea for more than 3 minutes. Then, in addition to the theine released earlier, tannins appear, which neutralize its effect.

Green tea infusion drunk before bedtime:

  • speeds up metabolism, and as a result aids in weight loss;
  • prevents water retention in the body
  • reduces stress, helps to calm down and relax, calms down and speeds up falling asleep, has an anti-anxiety effect
  • reduces free radicals that contribute to the development of many diseases
  • thanks to its richness in antioxidants, it is a natural preventive agent against cancer;
  • improves the quality of sleep.
Photo by Anshu A from Unsplash.com
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