Hygge - filozofia życia, która pozwoli Ci zwolnić
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The philosophy of hygge is extremely simple. It is about being “here and now”. People who follow this timeless philosophy are calmer, happier, and nothing in life eludes them. Hygge is synonymous with the word slow life, requiring greater attention to the present

Simple pleasures and the gratification of the ordinary

The Hygge philosophy originated in Denmark, and the people of this country are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world. They believe that contemplation of beauty gives them happiness. Hygge philosophy focuses on comfort and experiencing the moment. Let us imagine such a situation: outside the window there are heavy clouds heralding a storm, and in a moment it starts to rain. We observe the weather through the window of our house, sipping coffee. We are focused on the moment, looking at the weather, but we are comfortable. There is nothing else in our mind, just this moment. No cares or worries

Hygge thoughts and lifestyle definitely allows you to slow down and see life as it is. Without unnecessary worrying about situations that have not yet occurred, but are only our worries. Allows you to fully experience the moment. Enjoy the ordinary events of everyday life, without unnecessary dwelling on the past or worrying about the future

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