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Nature is constantly gifting us. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and other plants… the list is really long. So it is worth to live in harmony with it and introduce naturalness also to your four walls. We suggest which products of natural origin are worth having at home.

Everyone knows about the advantages of natural and ecological nutrition – nature is our most faithful ally in a healthy lifestyle. However, it can also appear in other areas, not only on our plate. So we suggest what natural products are worth having in your home.

Naturally clean house, or ecological detergents

A great way to bring naturalness and an eco-friendly lifestyle into your home is to get rid of all the chemical cleaning products and replace them with natural eco detergents. This way you can take care of your four corners in a way that is healthy not only for you and other household members, but also for the planet. But which detergents should you choose to be effective? You can choose ready-made detergents available on store shelves, which are labelled as being of natural origin, or you can prepare your own cleaners, for example based on vinegar and baking soda with the addition of lemon peel to neutralize the smell

Beautiful skin and hair with Mother Nature’s help

Nature can also help you take care of yourself. Natural cosmetics for women are the perfect way to take care of yourself in harmony with nature. Why is it worth it? First of all because the chemicals contained in most drugstore cosmetics are not good for our skin and frequent use of such care can have very unpleasant long-term effects. It is also worth noting that our body is almost bombarded by chemicals, so it is worth giving it at least a little respite in this area. In addition, natural cosmetics actually fight the causes of skin problems such as acne, greasy or dry skin, and not just mask them. Care based on the gifts of nature supports the physiological processes occurring in our skin and mobilizes it to regenerate. It is very important that natural cosmetics are not tested on animals, so they are not only ecological but also ethical. Remember that if you want to be sure that the product was produced with respect for animals, you can also look for the logo Ecocert, VeganSociety, or Cruelty Free on the packaging

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Teas, infusions and oils – the magic of herbs

Herbs are also an amazing, but unfortunately often underestimated gift of nature. They can help you relax, cleanse your body or even cure many diseases. For example, herbs for pain deserve special attention. You can brew a tea from them, make an oil or use a preparation based on these herbs in tablets. This will be great for menstruation and menstrual pain associated with it, for headaches, and even for joint pain – such 100% natural products are safe and can be used in various types of therapies and treatments. The best medicinal herbs include valerian, yarrow, coral bark, or fennel as we all know it, and even hop cones.

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