How to liven up a small bedroom?

How to liven up a small bedroom?
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Small bedroom doesn’t have to be cramped and boring. Thanks to interesting arrangement, beautiful accessories and vivid colors, even small interior can gain unique and cozy character. But how to achieve it? We suggest!

In small bedrooms every centimeter of space is worth its weight in gold, so you have to use it very well. We suggest, what you can do to make your small bedroom a comfortable and beautiful interior.

Bed – the most important element of arrangement

If we were to point out one element of furnishing, which is inseparable for bedroom arrangement, it would be surely a bed. The bed is the most important thing in this room, and it is from here that you should start arranging your bedroom

However, which one to choose, so that it works well in a small interior? First of all, do not spare any space when choosing a bed size. Choose one that will be as comfortable as possible, even if it takes up most of the space in the room. After all, a bedroom is a zone of relaxation and rest, so take care of your comfort first of all. A model with a built-in chest, for example, will be great, as it will give you storage space

And don’t forget soft and cozy bedding to help you sleep and relax in your bedroom. You’ll find warm cotton bed linen that’s perfect for winter nights at If you want to liven up your bed and, consequently, your bedroom, choose a colourful blanket and decorative pillows

Space for storage

In small apartments we often have problems finding enough space to store all our stuff. That is why it is worth taking care of this place when arranging a bedroom, even a small one

How do you do it to avoid feeling cluttered? By investing in a simple, yet capacious closet. It is also a good idea to choose a tailor made closet, thanks to which you will be sure, that it will fulfill your expectations to the maximum, and will be perfectly matched to your interior. Decide on a simple model with a uniform surface, which will make you save some space

Also, remember that clutter is much more visible and noticeable in small rooms, so try to avoid scattering clothes and other things around your bedroom. So organizers, baskets and boxes, or even entire storage systems placed in the closet can help with organization.

Optical enlargement of a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom you may want to optically enlarge it, which will help to enliven it. But how to do it? Start by choosing the color scheme, especially the color of walls and furniture. Light colors, such as white, light shades of gray, beige or pastels work best. If you want to give the interior a little more life, you can also decide on one wall in a more intense color

When it comes to furniture, bet on light colors as well, and also on a glossy finish, which will beautifully reflect the light and optically enlarge the interior. It is also worth taking care of proper lighting – try to get a lot of daylight and choose lighting in a cold color. An additional way to enlarge the interior, which will also make it more elegant, are mirrors. Choose the large ones hanging on the wall and enjoy a beautiful and aesthetic bedroom

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