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There is no shortage of opportunities to give gifts to others during the year. However, each holiday, birthday and festive events contribute to the generation of more garbage. The solution may be betting on ecological gifts. Both your loved one and the planet will be delighted.

Giving gifts to each other is a beautiful tradition, but it involves generating more waste and thus polluting the Earth. We won’t even mention the misguided gifts that immediately end up in the trash. In times when more and more is being said about environmental protection, we should focus on ecological solutions in our everyday life. And although we do not buy gifts every day, we do it so often that it is worth it to approach it rationally, which does not mean without creativity. Despite appearances, ecological gifts will appeal not only to less waste enthusiasts. Properly chosen, they will delight everyone. Here are some ideas for gifts in the spirit of eco.

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics reign supreme among ideas for ecological gifts. Not without reason – after all, we all use at least basic products. Currently, the offer of natural shampoos, lotions, creams and oils is so wide that it is easy to choose something for individual preferences, both for women and men. The biggest advantage of cosmetics is that they will be used up, and their packaging can be recycled. It is also a good idea to donate semi-finished products, from which you can make your favorite scrub or lip balm yourself.

Organic food and treats

Surely you know someone who loves to eat and try new flavors. A set of food products can be a good gift for such a person. It is worth choosing them according to the preferences of the gifted person – we can choose from teas, coffees, honeys, fruit preserves, liqueurs, sweets. Such products are often beautifully decorated and packed in biodegradable packaging. A great idea will also be baking a cake, cupcakes or cookies as a gift.

Eco-bottles, eco-cups and reusable containers

For lovers of physical activity and traveling, or just people who are perpetually on the run, we can choose reusable bottles and cups. They are most often made of metal, sugar cane or tritan. This is a practical but also aesthetic accessory, from which many people start their adventure with the ecological lifestyle. The bottle or mug can be matched with a set of reusable containers. Thanks to such a gift, a person close to us will be ready for shorter and longer journeys.

Potted plants and garden plants

Until recently, one of the traditional gifts was a bouquet of cut flowers, which quickly withered. A much better option – especially for those with a passion for gardening – is to give potted and garden plants, or even herbs and cuttings. More greenery in our environment means more oxygen. In addition, you can donate a plant that can be used in the production of homemade cosmetics, such as aloe vera, mint or rose.

Organic kitchen and toiletries

Ecological gifts are practical and useful in everyday life and at the same time look beautiful. It is worth giving your loved ones ecological toiletries and kitchen utensils, made of wood or bamboo, which will charm especially lovers of boho and rustic style. Such items, arranged on a shelf in the bathroom or kitchen, are a decoration in themselves, so they also please the eye.

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