Czy da się zrobić zakupy bez plastikowych torebek?
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For years, various ways have been used to encourage customers to give up the overuse of plastic bags – one example is to include them in a fee. But is it possible to give them up completely? It is certainly possible to greatly reduce the use of this environmentally harmful material.

Zero waste shopping

The desire to reduce the use of plastic bags forces us to pack and carry our purchases in other types of nets and bags. There are zero waste stores that operate under a different philosophy than popular retail outlets. Not only are products stored there in reusable packaging, but customers can come in with their own jars, nets, cans or other packaging that will be reused later

What about supermarkets?

Popular retail chains are also changing their approach to reducing plastic consumption. However, the replacement of packaging with biodegradable packaging is taking place unevenly – online you can find comparisons of what each store offers in this regard. However, it is always a good idea to equip yourself with your own cloth bag, bread bags or glass containers

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