Jak urządzić kuchnię w stylu minimalistycznym?
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A cluttered kitchen stops cooking being a pleasure and becomes a chore. Minimalism is more than just a style of interior design gaining popularity. Minimalism is first of all a way of life. The idea of slow life is probably not alien to you, but how to translate your worldview into interior design of your home? Here are some tips on how to make your kitchen a temple of minimalism.

Start with the sink

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without basic appliances such as a stove, refrigerator and sink. And it’s the right mixer that is the first step towards a minimalist space. Replace a traditional chrome faucet with a modernist model in shades of gold or black, and choose a granite version instead of a steel sink. Such an option is not only a guarantee of a stylish interior, but also a sure choice for years. Granite is a durable material that is resistant to high temperatures. Minimalism means not only tasteful rooms but also practical solutions which make everyday life easier.

Get rid of trinkets

The key to a minimalist kitchen is to get as much empty space as possible. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your kitchen sometimes has things on the countertops, cabinets or even the refrigerator that don’t need to be there at all. Design elements such as decorative fruit bowls conflict with the idea of a minimalist kitchen. To get as close to the ideal as possible, get rid of all the little things you don’t need to have on hand

Aspice rack can easily be replaced with boxes that you stash in a cabinet, and instead of keeping knives on top, put them in a drawer. This is the easiest way to give a minimalist interior even more elegant charm. If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space to hide things, you may want to think about getting rid of those items that you don’t need. Also, experts advise you to think about which appliances you use every day and need easy access to, and which ones can wait in a cupboard for their turn.

Hide small appliances

Although small appliances that you might think you use every day don’t take up much space, most of the time they actually end up collecting dust. Ask yourself if you really need to keep a toaster, waffle iron, coffee maker and spice rack on your countertop. They take up valuable countertop space and make food preparation much more difficult and unnecessarily stressful

Instead of constantly moving spices from place to place, find a place for them in a kitchen cupboard or drawer and enjoy the available space. If you want a minimalist kitchen interior, you need to stop looking at the countertop as a convenient storage space. This is a quick way to clutter your home and therefore your own mind.

Everything in its place

Once you get down to reducing the number of appliances on your kitchen counter, you need to find the right place for them. Moving dishes and utensils from place to place, you will quickly get lost. The key to a minimalist interior is to use the space wisely and stick to the rules you set for yourself. If you always put your wooden spoons in the same drawer and don’t squeeze your mixer in wherever there’s a bit of free space, you’ll find that using the kitchen becomes much more comfortable and cooking a real pleasure.

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