Modern house and ecology – is it possible?

Modern house and ecology – is it possible?
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At a time when the Earth is struggling with perpetual droughts, global warming and massive air pollution, it is important for everyone to be green. It is an investment in the future, not only for you, but also for your children and grandchildren. But is it possible to introduce ecological solutions into a modern house? Of course it is! We suggest how to do it.

Energy saving

Prices for electricity are rising all the time, with bills getting higher every year. This is a huge burden on your wallet, and additionally a problem for the planet. Power plants in Poland are fired mainly by coal, which emits a lot of pollutants into the atmosphere and drastically reduces the quality of the air we all breathe. If you like saving money, and in addition to this you do not want to contribute to climate catastrophe and smog, the ideal solution for you is to invest in photovoltaics. Installing solar panels and getting energy straight from the sun can cut your electricity costs by up to 90%. You do not have to be afraid of photovoltaic panels, voices about the fact that at night the house will be deprived of electricity, or that in winter there is too little energy are myths. The sun shines and produces energy all the time, so without fear you can watch TV in a bright room late at night even in January. Photovoltaics make you independent of electricity providers and have tangible benefits for the planet because the electricity generated by the panels is virtually carbon neutral. For more information and a specific project quote, visit

Water savings

Water consumption per person in a household can be as high as 120 liters per day. This is definitely not the way to overcome the drought that has been prevailing for several years now. What can you do about it? On the market there are kitchen and bathroom faucets with aerator, which is an overlay that aerates the water.Such overlays for taps can also be purchased separately and mounted on the existing tap. Thanks to the aerator less water flows from the tap but the stream is just as effective. For example, when washing dishes, you can rinse plates of foam at the same time, using less water. How much less? A perlator allows you to use up to 60% of the water you use during the day. You can also buy special attachments for your shower faucet to reduce water consumption while bathing. However, in a bathtub such a gadget does not make sense, because apart from the fact that it will take you longer to fill it, it will not give you anything. If ecology is important to you, choose a shower in your home, as much more water is used unnecessarily when bathing in the tub.

Saving food

How not to waste food at home? An average Pole throws away about 500 kg of food a year. This is a frightening statistic, which should be fought against. When you furnish your home and buy new equipment for it, choose a high-class fridge, which will allow you to keep food fresh for a long time. Older generation refrigerators are prone to temperature fluctuations, spontaneous defrosting, and the accumulation and growth of bacteria and mold. The latest models of fridges have a different cooling system, which keeps the temperature in them at a constant level. What’s more, they have anti-microbial coatings and the possibility of light disinfection, which means that food does not get mouldy and spoils much later, and you do not have to throw it away.

Going green and respecting our planet is extremely important, not just in times of climate catastrophe, but always. Create an eco-friendly home and give future generations a secure future.

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